So let me get this straight. Basically, if we take the location of Beacon Hills to be somewhere in Northern CA, possibly Modesto based on Peter Hale’s medical records (content warning for gore, medical meta on that post), Kate has roughly a 10+ hour head start on the gang unless they fly (even if they fly). She could literally kill Scott 14,400 times before his friends got there, but instead she chooses to fuck with everyone by turning Scott into a bone demon? Kate, honey. You’re smarter than that. That’s like a 10 hour villain monologue. You’re just asking to be foiled.





Deaton hints at talking about an awkward subject, Scott starts to bring up werewolves and Deaton says “What do you think, $2 more an hour?” Scott is confused & Deaton goes “You’re right. $2.50.” & then keeps being cryptic about werewolves.

So Scott is making minimum 10.50 an hour?  Granted, he can’t work more than 10 hours a week.  He probably takes home about 450, since Melissa probably claims him on her taxes so he doesn’t have to pay if he makes less than ~5900 a year. (He is about 500 under that.)  

Which is not a whole lot of money when you factor in his bike and insurance, but he probably manages all that and gas.  Which is a huge help to his mom, I’m sure. 

I want to say it was like. 2.50. I remember it being quite generous to the point I was a little jealous at a fictional character.

I haven’t seen that episode in over a year, but I feel like it was something like Scott tried to talk to Deaton about werewolves, and then Deaton offered him a raise, and then Scott tried so say something, and Deaton gave him even more of a raise? 

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vehiclesshockme replied to your post “I’m calling bullshit on Scott making minimum wage at the vet clinic….”

To be fair when I worked at the theatre when minimum wage went up no one else got any kind of increase even if you previously had one so at one point new hires and managers only had like a $1 - $2 per hour pay difference. But it’s probs TW being lazy

Nah. It’s definitely TW being lazy and forgetful.  Teen Wolf season 1 was in Jan 2011.  Season 4 takes place around Jan 2012. Minimum wage didn’t go up to $9 until 2014.  Deaton gave Scott a raise in S1 after he realized Scott was a werewolf. If he started out at 8, even if he got a dollar raise, it would still be more than min. in 2012. 

That being said I think he specified how much the raise was but I don’t remember. 

I’m calling bullshit on Scott making minimum wage at the vet clinic.  Didn’t he get a huge raise in S1? 


i think mandy found jesus

Okay, but who’s going to write the fic where Derek has a real estate license and was an intern at a stock broker’s office for six months in NYC? 


Derek Hale’s entire life is a shitshow but the boy is smart about his money


One of the other berserkers is Danny y/y? 

I 100% called Derek owning that building.  Ask ladyofthelog.


i’m responsible

i have finances

i make money

i have an accountant named barb

i just enjoy living in abandoned warehouses and train depots

because money can buy you nice pretty things

but it can’t undead your dead family